"Fake Cop" Joshua Waiganjo Transfers Police Officers from Kayole After Threat


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Fake policeman Joshua Waiganjo seems to have mysterious powers inside the police service. Just few weeks ago, he threatened to have police officers who arrested him transferred from Kayole.

The police officers who found him drunk and disorderly arrested him refused to budge to pressure from former Rift Valley police boss John Mbijiwe to have him released.

Reinstated Police Boss John M’Mbijiwe Threaten to Teach Cops who Arrested Joshua Waiganjo a Lesson

The threats to have the officers transferred from Kayole was effected last week seeing them deployed to Liboi, Kiganjo, Marakwet and other places considered remote.

Some of the officers involved are SSP Kosgey, SP Mideva, Cpl Odhiambo, PC Bashir and PC Henry.

The six officers involved range from the rank of SSP to Constable. They were surprised that the man considered to be a fake police officers still hold so much power inside the police service.