Horizon Contact Center - Using Covid to Suppress Employees


Staff member
With the government having put in measure to cushion both employers and employees as below…Horizon contact centre has decided to take advantage of the Covid 19 to milk more from his staff
· Reduction of Resident Corporate Income Tax rate from 30% to 25%
· Reduction of Turnover Tax rate for SMEs from 3% to 1%
· Immediate reduction of VAT rate from 16% to 14%

Since the Covid 19 started, Horizon has made us as agents working from both home and office with some working 60hrs per week with no compensation plan. To top it up our allowances have been reduced

No overtimes are paid to us as agents with the management resorting to threats to focus to do the same

Grapevine is now ripe that the management headed by one South African called Nezaam is now threatening team leaders/supervisors/managers with a 30% salary reduction or else you are sent on a 3 months unpaid leave……The 30% does not then translate to less work hours meaning there is no reduction in work volumes

Its makes one wonder, what the companies who have contracted Horizon to deliver services on their behalf like Multichoice, Telkom and the rest are watching as the people they expect to give their clients 1st class services are being mistreated

The CEO has also outlived his contractual terms….How can a foreigner we left as a CEO for suc a company for over 10 years, don’t we have competent Kenyans who can handle the same……Tunauimia , tutategemea nani #Cotu