How Kenyan Ambassador in Riyadh Uses Saudi Police to Harass and Deport Critics


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Kenyan ambassador in Riyadh has been accused of misusing Saudi Arabia police officers to target Kenyans complaining of mistreatment at the Riyadh embassy.

According to sources at the embassy, the ambassador together with his deputy Lawrence Waweru and Labour officer Robinson Juma are said to periodically use Saudi Police to lodge complaints so to have their most consistent critics and leaders of Kenyan community in Saudi Arabia deported as they demand better treatment for their compatriots.

Oginga Ogego

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Case in point is that of Mwanameri Onyango and Timothy Odhiambo who both demanded that one Kenyan who was suffering, Rahab Njeri, be treated well. Instead of providing support to the sick Kenyan, ambassador Oginga Ogego through labour officer Robinson Juma and one receptionist named SHogi, made sure that the two were arrested and deported over fictitious complaints.

With Saudi Arabia police easily getting bribed and receptionist Shogi being a key conduit for the ambassador and his deputy who engage in illegal alcohol importation from Dubai, Timothy and Onyango had fictitious complaints lodged through their employer who sacked and demanded for their deportation due to pressure from the ambassador who bribed key supervisors.

Lawrence Waweru


The two were taken to the deportation centre where the ambassador has made sure that they are kept indefinitely as this ensures that they don't complain again. Timothy was again arrested and only released after 24 days as the judges acquitted them as there was no evidence against them.

The ambassador has again engaged in threats against one Abdulraham Muhamad who together with Timothy Odhiambo ensured that a Kenyan who was suffering mental illness was taken to the hospital and then to the embassy to get help. When they complained of treatment at the embassy, they were targeted, arrested over fictitious charges and Lawrence Waweru and Robinson Juma sent to the police station to threaten and tell them to keep quiet or be deported.

The complaints against Kenyan embassy in Saudi Arabia comes after that against the consulate in Lebanon where Kenyans have suffered for long.

The minister and PS for foreign affairs have been alerted of the happenings but they seem unwilling or incapable of helping.
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