My Daughter was Raped by Cousin and Police not Helping


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My name is Asli, I reported a sexual assault and rape which my daughter is a victim but I'm yet to find justice.

My daughter was raped in her late grandmother's house in Karen in which my daughter's aunt resides. This incident took place last month (May). My daughter then reported to her aunt about the rape. The perpetrators were her aunt's son and friends.

The aunt then assaulted her physically which made my daughter seek refuge in the servants quarters. The aunt sent an uncle to pick my daughter and bring her to me, which was then that I knew of the above events through her. I then reported the incident at Athi river police station then I was referred to Karen police Station close to where the incident took place.

I reported to Karen police under OB number 41, the document is attached. I filed a P3 and took a medical report from Nairobi Women's Hospital, Kitengela(also a copy attached). I was sent with officers from Karen police to make arrests, but the aunt called the OCS who prevented the arrest. I was instructed to bring witnesses which I did, but no further action was taken. They kept on postponing arrest, I then went to Nairobi county deputy commander.

He told me to return to Langata OCPD, he told me to go for a mental check for my daughter at Mathare hospital, which I did but I didn't get any assistance. I then wrote to the DPP due to frustration but I haven't gotten any response(document attached). The case has not yet even been forwarded to the courts due to being obstructed at the Karen police Station level and no arrests have been made.

Kindly help me get justice for my daughter. My number is 07****** for assistance. NB: Name of victim withheld to prevent victimisation. Perpetrators: Aunt is Monica Wanjiru who assaulted my daughter after she reported the incident. The alleged rapist is Timothy the son to Monica...