Re-Shared: Useless Deputy Governors in Kenya


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Dear Kenyans,

Did you know that Deputy Governors are paid Ksh. 740,000 a month? As we speak, we have 46 of them (Nairobi county doesn't have a DG), meaning their pay right now is Ksh. 34 million. If you multiply that by 12 months, you'll realize we the taxpayers cough out Kshs 400 million! This is an amount which in 5 years is close to Ksh. 2B! Yaani, we are sinking cash as salaries for people who contribute nothing! If you add other "people who do nothing" like the Chief Administrative Secretaries(CAS), Nominated MPs nominated Senators and nominated unnecessary commissions, recycled board chairpersons of duplicate will cry upon realizing we waste so much money every month!

Money that we don't have! When we pay Ksh. 740,000 per person in an economy that is donor dependent....we are essentially living beyond our means as a nation! Surely, what kind of witchcraft is this? These are salaries corresponding to first world economies! Why don't we just bite the bullet as a country and agree to have salaries pegged to the output and size of the GDP? We Kenyans rank among the heaviest taxed creatures in the world!! Btw, this is just salaries. I haven't included other benefits and allowances that are always way more than what we pay them per month. We don't need these bloated structures with the kind of economy we have as a nation! We don't! A structure of governance should be guided by what the governed are benefiting with.

We have made politics to be such a lucrative business venture! In Kenya, if you want to be rich, just focus on becoming a politician or work for the government. The people we have serving as elected and nominated leaders are mostly after money...not serving the nation! What we have now is a plundering structure of governance with absolute zero benefits to you the mwananchi. The law should have designated the Deputy Governor to serve as the Speaker of the County Assembly, the way the US Vice President is the Speaker of the Senate.

In fact, my proposal is that Governors should be reduced to about 12.

The US has 50 Governors within a landmass of 9.834 Million km², while Kenya has 47 Governors within a landmass of 580,367Km². ......if you can't see something is wrong with this kind of a scenario...please have your head examined!

C'mon Kenyans! We can't go on like this!