Senior Counsel Determined to Evict Children and Wife from Lavington Matrimonial Home


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This is a very sensitive case of a senior lawyer in Kenya who has demanded that his two daughters get to vacate the matrimonial home in Lavington after he married a Absa Kenya (formerly Barclays) executive, Carol Mbuvi (Head of SME Credit).

The senior counsel divorce his wife in a silent case filed by the 58 year old wife in 2015 with the divorce granted in 2017. Out of the 25 years marriage, the two have two daughters (29 and 30).

The divorced wife moved out to Kileleshwa but the daughters remained with the father in Lavington (Hatheru Road) where the matrimonial maisonette is located.

Sensing that the wife might move to court to claim the matrimonial home as the only property in contest, the senior counsel has not resorted to sending thugs to tell the daughters he stays with that they need to move out and leave him to have Carol Mbuvi (Absa Kenya) move in as the new wife.


The shameless Carol Mbuvi doesn't even behave like she has manners as she has been going to the matrimonial home of the divorced wife both in Nairobi and mashambani to sleep with the man she now wants to marry.

The property in Lavington is now the focus of a dispute between the Senior Counsel and his ex-wife.

In an attempt to pre-empt an injunction filed by his wife on the matrimonial property, the Senior Counsel, a serial divorcée and evidently a player, is now pressurizing his daughters to vacate the family home to pave way for his latest catch, a slay queen cum banker.

The Senior Counsel is NOT a poor man by any standards. Yet he wants his own "flesh and blood" out of the property they have always known as home!

This exhibition of selfishness and shamelessness by senior, is baffling, to say the least. He has sufficient financial muscle to procure a house for his bae and leave his daughters to live in peace in what was their family house.

Shame on him and on his ilk!

I promise to reveal to KahawaTungu who this senior counsel is.