USIU is Going Down Very Fast


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USIU-Africa is going to lose it's previous glory as it now faces serious financial challenges due to the misuse of funds by the current Vice Chancellor and his associates.

Just today, the university has sent this to the faculty;

Dear Full-Time Faculty,

As you are aware the University closed on 17th March 2020, following the government’s directive as a mitigation measure against the effects of COVID-19. As a result of this, the University was forced to immediately transition to remote (online) teaching and learning to complete the Spring Semester and subsequently adopt the same mode of learning in the current Summer Semester. The full embrace of online teaching, participation in online training and other contributions from all faculty towards this endeavour is greatly appreciated.

However, this Pandemic has presented a health and economic crisis with the Summer 2020 enrollment adversely affected. This has necessitated the University to revise downwards the cash flow projections for us to sustain critical functions to ensure smooth delivery of teaching and learning.

Consequently, the University has been compelled to defer the payment in respect of full-time faculty adjunct Summer classes to a later date that will be communicated at an appropriate time.

Once again we appreciate the sacrifices that you are making to ensure that University continues to excel in its core mandate of teaching, learning and research during the summer semester and beyond.
Remember the story of the wash-wash guy Kevin Obia buying a degree from the place? It here
I wonder what USIU will be in a few years. Things are going down so fast.

Another update from this saga is that even employees working in the cafeteria have been told to expect letters of redundancies as the university has no money to pay them.
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